Zahra Raeisi

Since entering the art and profession of Khous embroidery, my concern has always been to present this valuable and painstaking art of the southern woman’s hand. A work where the knots must be put together one by one to make a pattern on the fabric to reveal and showcase itself everyone. Khous Embroidery, which existed in traditional forms in the market of Hormozgan for a long time, is now trying to present its new form in different ways not only to the people of Iran, but also to other countries of the world, along with the fashion industry in its latest developments. In this regard, I believe that one of the best ways to showcase these artworks is by participating in influential and reputable domestic and international exhibitions, such as the exhibitions organized by the Palette Art Group, under the management of Mrs. Maleiheh Rahmani. I know that these exhibitions will greatly contribute to the visibility and marketing of these artworks. We hope that these exhibitions will be held more frequently to inspire and support our dear artisans and artists in their industry.