Miaad Mohammadi Panah

Palette Art Group, under the supervision of Ms. Rahmani, possesses very important qualities that are rarely seen among individuals in the field of exhibitions and galleries. The first notable characteristic is their sensitivity to details. This has resulted in minimal challenges between participants and curators, from writing the names of exhibition members to designing posters, and meticulous management and scheduling of programs. The second aspect is their respectful and interactive approach to communication while being precise and sensitive. The third aspect worth mentioning is their transparency and honesty. They will never engage in inappropriate efforts to promote personal interests. This means that they never sacrifice honesty to showcase their professional credibility even if they undergo some loss. In fact, the reality is that they value the true credibility and worth of exhibitions and are sensitive about it. As a participant in multiple exhibitions and collaborations with them, I have felt an increasing sense of trust each time. I know that this growing trust in the Palette Art Group is a result of the mentioned qualities.