is a passionate team of art loving people in Iran who strive to make professional life easier for the Iranian artists. We are dedicated to supporting our talented community of artists by showcasing and promoting their creations of art regardless of the art category or the medium used. We are here to create a vibrant space that celebrates creativity and fosters artistic collaboration.


Our mission is to provide a platform for Iranian artists to showcase their talent, collaborate with their peer artists both inside and outside the country, and thus engage with the wider community of artists. Through exhibitions, workshops, galleries, and other art-related events, we aim to promote artistic expression, foster creativity, and contribute to the cultural landscape of our country by sharing Iranian artists’ works with the world, and at the same time provide opportunities for them to grow and be known internationally and probably get the chance to sell their artwork at a global level.


To fulfil our mission, we always look for opportunities of collaboration and partnership with notable art galleries, art associations, academic centers of art, art magazines and publications, art blogs and websites, online art exhibitions, and other art groups and curators from around the world. If you find our goals interesting and share similar goals, we would love to hear from you; please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss forming a collaboration. With your contribution, we would be able to better serve the artists’ community. All interested art teams are invited to join us in promoting creativity, talent, and the unbounded world of visual arts and handicrafts.



Maliheh Rahmani
Founder & CEO